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4/28/2020- Hardin County Schools announces virtual graduations

Hardin County Schools has made the decision to hold high school graduations next month, albeit in a different way. The district announced yesterday that the three high schools would be holding virtual graduations for the outgoing class of 2020. The district’s television partner HCEC-TV, will edit the ceremonies together to air on their originally scheduled dates. The district does hope to hold a formal graduation sometime into the next school year. Each ceremony will take place outside the respective high schools. Students will be able to bring no more than six guests with them. Details on how the virtual graduations will be conducted can be found on the Hardin County Schools website. In addition, the district will be lighting up their football stadiums from 8- 8:20 PM tonight to honor students, and welcomes residents in the county to light up their homes as well during this time.

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