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4/24/2020- Elizabethtown man arrested for sexual crimes

United States Attorney Russell Coleman announced yesterday that Matthew Lyons, 33, of Elizabethtown was charged with several charges related to sexual conduct with a minor. Law enforcement officials became aware of Lyons’ criminal conduct after receiving a complaint regarding a minor posting on social media about engaging in sexual activity with an adult in exchange for money. Police in Radcliff interviewed two minors, seized and searched their mobile devices, and identified Lyons as the adult in question. Lyons had a prior conviction for attempted use of an electronic communication system to procure a minor for sex. Detectives obtained a warrant to seize and search Lyons’ mobile device, which revealed more than 1500 images and video files of the sexual acts, and communications with several underage boys. If convicted at trial, and due to his prior conviction, Lyons faces at least 60 years in prison.

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