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UK, U of L, and WKU cancel in person events and courses

Various colleges and universities have had their education courses altered due to the threat of COVID-19 in the state. Western Kentucky University, University of Louisville, and the University of Kentucky have all cancelled in-person instruction for the rest of the spring semester. All universities have announced that they will be using alternative instruction to get the course load to those that need it. All in-person events for the rest of the semester must be cancelled, postponed, or virtualized. Degrees will still be given to those who completed all necessary coursework, but in-person commencement ceremonies will need to be postponed. As for Elizabethtown Community and Technical College, the college announced last night that spring break for students has been extended through March 20th, with no classes taking place before March 23rd. Employees will be working remotely, except for essential personnel. Also, the college’s walk-in enrollment service has been closed to the public, however these services are still available over the phone or through e-mail.

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