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Hardin County Government temporarily closes recycling drop off

In a press release from Hardin County Government, the Solid Waste Department announced that due to updates surrounding COVID-19, the recycling drop off point will be closed until further notice. The department urges those who have recyclables to hold onto them, as they hope to have the drop off back open as soon as they can. Red River will continue to run on the same schedule as usual in the unincorporated area with no delay. Hardin County’s billing service will be open, however they are asking that the public not come into the office, but rather use the drop off box in the office parking lot, which is checked every hour during regular business hours to make sure all communication is processed. Additional information and updates can be found at

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    • Quicksie 98.3

      There is no date currently set but will provide an update as soon as we have more information. We encourage you to check for the latest updates.

  1. C L Williams

    Here is a reply that will knock you for a loop: Hardin County recycling program will remain closed until the reopening of the Meade County Recycling center (which is undetermined at this time)?” … this is straight from our government — so, what the h*** is the relationship between Hardin and Meade Counties in relationship to recycling programs. I have yet to get an answer!!

    • Quicksie 98.3

      Hardin County does not have a processing center for recycling. Hardin County inmates handle the recycled goods and bring them to Meade County, which also uses inmates for their facilities. They have not opened up the processing center in Meade county yet, which means Hardin county has no place to take their recyclables yet.

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