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Governor Beshear updates on voting rights

On Wednesday, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear provided an update on the status of his executive order that automatically restored the right to vote to many Kentuckians who were previously denied the right. According to a release from his office, Governor Beshear unveiled a website to help Kentuckians who are unsure determine if they qualify. The website,, features a searchable database where those visiting the site enter a first and last name and date of birth, then their county of conviction or supervision, and then receive a result. If the displayed result is inconclusive, there is an e-mail and phone number to contact for more information. Individuals currently in custody or on supervision will be reviewed for automatic restoration prior to their completion of sentence and told if they qualify. Previously, the Governor had signed an executive order on his third day in office restoring the rights to vote and hold public office to Kentuckians who were convicted of most non-violent crimes who have repaid their debt to society by completing their sentences.

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