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Brandenburg Telecom offer wi-fi hotspots

Brandenburg Telecom is offering free wi-fi hotspots to their service area in order to better help people during the COVID-19 pandemic. These hotspots are available in Brandenburg, Elizabethtown, Radcliff, Vine Grove, and Hardinsburg in the parking lots of business offices. In addition, there are several more hotspots at campgrounds and parks in the area. A full list of the hotspots can be found at

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  1. Thor

    Yes they offer it but you might as well use a can and string their WiFi at camp sites don’t work well at all I have called many times camping and have had betel, att, T-Mobile Verizon etc service at axtel is just bad and when you add more devices there forget it. And by the way I can’t get any closer to WiFi handicap sites are next to the antenna.
    I have their fiber optics at home and love it but the hotspots they offer bite

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