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Beshear orders non-life-sustaining businesses closed

As the state continues the fight against COVID-19, Governor Andy Beshear announced in his press conference last night that there are now one hundred and sixty three cases of the virus in the Commonwealth. The governor announced that one of these positive cases came from someone who attended a coronavirus party. Beshear denounced the act, again stressing social distancing and regard for the lives of others. Governor Beshear noted that with the expected spike in cases, increasingly significant steps towards fighting the illness can be expected, and the governor took one of those steps last night. Beshear ordered that all non-life-sustaining businesses be closed by 8 PM Thursday. Businesses that will remain open include grocery stores, gas stations, pharmacies, and drug stores as well as laundromats, banks, and home-based care and services, among others. The Governor says the order will be made public today in order to make the announcement clearer.

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