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West Point agrees to merger

The West Point Independent Schools Board of Education voted unanimously last night to sign the merger agreement with the Hardin County School District. Several topics of discussion regarding the merger were gone over last night, including where West Point’s students will go. Kindergarten students will attend North Park Elementary, first through fifth grades will attend Vine Grove Elementary, and sixth through eighth grade will attend J.T. Alton Middle School. High school age children will attend North Hardin High School, however, those still attending Elizabethtown High School will still be allowed to attend there. Also discussed was where the staff of West Point would end up, and Dr. Sally Sugg, interim superintendent, ensured that Hardin County Schools would attempt to find a place for all tenured staff in the same schools that the children from West Point would be attending. Should Hardin County agree to the merger agreement at their board meeting on Thursday night, the effective date of the merger would be scheduled for July 1st.

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