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August 7th, 2019

It’s back to school for some area school districts today. Students with Meade, Breckenridge, Larue, Bullitt, and Grayson counties head back today, as well as Elizabethtown and Cloverport Independent. Hardin County Schools start tomorrow. West Point students are getting a few more days of summer with their start date of August 20th.

The City of Vine Grove will look to update their city hall. The city revealed plans for an updated city hall at the city council meeting on Monday. Vine Grove mayor Pam Ogden says the City Council is still exploring funding options for the building, which comes at a proposed cost of roughly $2 million. The new building will be added on to the current building.

The Radcliff Police Department responded to a call of a violated Emergency Protective Order Monday evening. Frederick Simmons of Brandenburg violated the order after he came within 500 feet of his girlfriend, passing her several times while she was walking. When an arrest was attempted, Simmons resisted and began screaming and trying to kick officers. He managed to damage a police body camera while struggling, but was successfully apprehended. Simmons was charged with assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest, and violating an EPO, among other offenses.

Parents of students in Hardin County will now have a way to see what nutrition their kids are getting in their school meals. HCS is now using the services of Healthy Meal Planner. Menus and nutritional information can be found under the Parents, Students, and Quick Links tabs on the Hardin County Schools website.

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