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August 13th, 2019

Mayor Jeff Gregory awarded a Hardin County teenager the honor of Outstanding Citizen of the City of Elizabethtown. J.T. Bryant, who helped save a family in a Nicholas Ridge home fire, received the honor at a City Council meeting on Monday. Bryant was out for a drive when he saw smoke emanating from the direction of the home. Upon seeing that the home was on fire, he began banging on the door of the home, attempting to wake the family. The family’s dog began to bark, waking the rest of the household, and allowing them to get out of the house in time. The entire family made it out unharmed. Bryant will be heading off to college later this week.

A Louisville man was arrested Saturday morning for threatening his girlfriend at Ruby Tuesday’s in Elizabethtown. The Elizabethtown Police Department reports that Neil Nelson threatened to shoot his girlfriend in the face at the establishment, then left. Police found Nelson behind Cracker Barrel, and asked him to put his hands where they could be seen. Nelson hid behind a car, and was seen reaching for his waistband. He was then held at gunpoint until backup arrived. It was later discovered that Nelson’s gun was loaded and one bullet was in the chamber. He was charged with terroristic threatening, menacing, and possession of a handgun by convicted felon, among other offences.

A vehicle fire caused the Bluegrass Parkway to be shutdown late Sunday night. The Nelson County Sheriff’s Office responded to mile marker 11 where a semi-truck driver reportedly had a blowout causing him to lose control. The truck hit the concrete barrier, damaging the fuel tank, which caused the fire. The parkway was shut down for several hours, but no injuries were reported.

A graduation ceremony for potential future Army leader will be taking place this weekend. Cadet Summer Training is coming to a close, and the graduation ceremonies will take place on August 16th and 18th from 9-10 AM. Both graduations will take place at Brooks Field.

Elizabethtown Community and Technical College will be holding an express enrollment event over the next few days. ECTC President and CEO Dr. Juston Pate says that someone will be there at all times to help prospective students get signed up for classes with this simplified process. The event continues today and tomorrow from 9 AM to 6 PM.

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