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Praise & Shine Ep. 7 – Relaxing in the powerful arms of God

From the Rescuers Down Under, a doctor pronounces, “you must relax” while trying to treat Wilber. Wilber replies, “Relax? I am relaxed!” clearly a sarcastic response, “If I were any mope relaxed, Id be dead”. The scene is funny and captures how we feel while panicking whether or not what we are facing is life threatening. Our instinct is to fight back and not to relax. And yet more often than not, our attempts to fight back only amplify anxiety. If we allow ourselves to experience the pain and lift it up to God, something amazing happens. A peace we may not understand will surround us.

Praise & Shine Ep. 6

It’s satisfying to finish a job. Each month, for instance, one of my job responsibilities gets moved from one category to another, from “In Progress” to “Completed.” I love clicking that “Completed” button. But last month when I clicked it, I thought, If only I could overcome rough spots in my faith so easily! It can seem like the Christian life is always in progress, never completed.

Praise & Shine Ep. 5

God has a perfect perspective of everything we experience. The Psalmist wrote, “for He looked down from his holy height; from heaven the Lord gazed upon the earth, to hear the groaning of the prisoner, to set free those who were doomed to death” (Psalm 102:19-20 NASB).

Like the hurting people in Psalm 102, we are often locked into the present with its struggles, “groaning” with despair. But God sees our lives from beginning to end.

In difficult moments, remember: we may not know what is coming next, but our Lord does. We can trust Him with every moment that stretches before us.

Praise and Shine Ep. 4

“No pain, no gain”…that is the case but it is pain that you must press thru that will make you stronger. “Okay you can relax” words that can apply to you life. You can relax in God’s goodness and faithfulness instead of worrying. You can be concerned over life’s troubles but worrying doesn’t solve anything.

Praise and Shine Ep. 3

Going to the grocery story can sometimes feel mundane but there is one part of this task that I look forward to. I love checking out in Bobby’s lane. He always has a smile and is good at his job. He is also good at his jobs. The way Bobby does his job immediately brightens the lives of those in his checkout lane. His cheerful attitude, desire to server and his attention to detail all line up with Apostle Paul’s description of how we are to work.