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Hardin County Schools’ Class of 2020 Graduation Plans

Brian & Trisha talked to John Wright from Hardin County Schools about plans for graduation ceremonies and information about picking up student’s personal items from schools. 4/28/20

JT’s Way Fundraiser

Brian & Trisha talked with Tonya Wiglesworth about the loss of her son, JT, in a car accident on Dec. 16, 2019. Tonya & her husband started JT’s Way to help parents with support groups/counselors after the loss of a child. They are currently raising money through a fundraiser that will take place May 14-17. Central Hardin High School seniors are invited to honor JT and be recognized themselves as they do a drive-by parade. 4/27/20.

Faithful Friday – Pastor Kevin from Northside Baptist

Brian & Trisha talked with Pastor Kevin from Northside Baptist Church about how churches are creating online worship services and how they continue to serve their congregations. 4/24/20

Trisha’s a Big Scottie Pippen Fan

Trisha dug out her old Scottie Pippen memorabilia after The Last Dance Documentary started this week. She was obsessed with the Chicago Bulls, mainly Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan, and still possesses a large collection of Pippen’s basketball cards and other items. She even has an autographed picture she acquired somewhere along the way from a collector. 4/21/20