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Downtown Shavedown

St. Baldrick’s Foundation event to raise money to find the best treatments for kids with cancer

St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a volunteer-powered organization dedicated to raising money for children’s cancer research, will host its 11th annual event VIRTUAL ONLY event with the entire USA & St. Baldrick’s Foundation as a team. Cancer doesn’t care about COVID & kids are still being diagnosed every day & funding research is more important than ever.

Please sign up & do a virtual shave (or DO WHAT YOU WANT) in solidarity with the entire country through the St. Baldrick’s Foundation here.

Head-shaving might not be for everyone (and we understand everyone doesn’t have clippers lying around), and it doesn’t have to be–we want you to think outside the barber cape; the sky’s the limit!! Want to kayak or walk 5 miles to raise important cash for research? Sign up and go for it!! Want to cartwheel across your front yard for donations??? Just don’t hurt yourself & get money for research while having fun!…want to do a good deed for your neighbor for donations? DO THAT!

ALL DONATIONS ARE TO BE MADE ONLINE using the honor system. Cash and check donations can be turned in by you–please reference St. Baldrick’s policies on turning in donations here. To turn in checks that go towards our event you can print out the form here and mail it in with your check. Follow the Elizabethtown St. Baldrick’s Facebook page for updates. Post your St. Baldrick’s head-shaving or DO WHAT YOU WANT SHENANNIGANS and/or tag us or send them to us on messenger and we will post them on your behalf. Use hashtag #GiveKidsALifetime and #EtownStB.

You must raise at least $50 to qualify for the highly coveted & fashionable St. Baldrick’s shirt. We are planning on handing out shirts earned (last year’s shirts as well) on 3/21/21 at the State Theater parking lot as a drive-through event. Please stay tuned for times.